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I hadn't realised how long it has been since I wrote on this. When I opened up the page I discovered that I'd started to write something and then never finished it. Those of you who are going through grief can perhaps identify with that!

Since my last post I've been through the first anniversary of my son's death, Christmas, Mothers Day and my birthday. And in a month's time it would be my son's 30th if he were still here. Those times are always hard as we think about the people that we love who have died. And we all have different ways of dealing with those days. 

On the anniversay of his death, I invited some of his friends round as well as his godparent and some of my friends. We held a ceremony for him. Some people brought guitars and we sang some of his favourite songs and told stories.

We're all planning to go out for dinner on his birthday. My youngest son, who is 26, bought his brother a Christmas present - a candle in the shape of a glass of beer (his brother made the most amazing home brews from his own recipes). 



You can also read about some other ways that people remember their loved ones on special occasions in a previous blog at Walking with You/blog.


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