Walking with You

About me

One of my earliest experiences with death was when I was eight years old. My grandmother lived with my parents and me in a small unit. I shared a bedroom with her. At 74 years old, she had never been a patient in a hospital and was terrified of becoming one. My mother nursed her through her final illness and my grandmother took her final breath at home, in the bedroom I shared with her. She was laid out in an open coffin in the space between her bed and mine, and friends and family visited to toast her and tell stories. I got to sleep in my parents' room during this time but would still have to go into the room to get toys or clothes. 

I remember looking at her lying there and kissing her goodbye before the coffin lid was screwed on. Since then I have said goodbye to many loved ones including close friends, my dad, my mum and, hardest of all, my son. I sat with both my parents and with my son as they left this life. ​

Linda Campbell Death doula

In my professional life, I have always worked with people. I spent 20 years working in welfare services and have worked as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for the past ten years.  I have worked with clients facing their own mortality and with grieving families.  For more information about my services as a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, please visit Mind Mastery.

I am currently studying an MA in Health and Social Wellbeing at Nan Tien Institute near Wollongong. The course follows a Buddhist philosophy and I am deepening my understanding of life and spirituality through this.

Saying goodbye to loved ones is the hardest part of life. It is my honour and privilege to be invited into families to help them through. 

Linda Campbell End of Life Doula